Cloud & Data Center

Move your data center to the cloud Turbo charge your competitive edge.

Miamin partners with global enterprises to run hybrid and multi-cloud environments including application transformation and management. As you move to the cloud, Miamin minimizes cloud sprawl and enhances predictability, visibility and control of your cloud and data center resources. Your hybrid cloud environment will be highly automated, self-service driven and will flex and dynamically scale operations.
We’ll help your team deliver complete control and adaptability to the private/hybrid data centers, as well as speedy and automated configuration rollout of innovative services. All the while optimizing the spend on your cloud initiatives and providing continuous compliance.


Tilt the game in your favor with a hybrid cloud operations platform

Miamin monitors, manages and maintains Hybrid Cloud environments across multiple platforms for some of the most demanding clients. Our services offer a nextGen Cloud Operations platform, which holistically integrates functionalities such as one-click provisioning and auto-configuration management, cost governance, continuous compliance, native cloud monitoring and management, integrated application & infrastructure performance monitoring, event management and integration into ITSM platforms. The platform provides a seamless user experience with a single pane of glass that delivers visibility to all stakeholders.

Our Cloud Operations Services help manage hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments across both private and public clouds and provide complete control and visibility of the environment being managed. Some of the key benefits of the service include optimized costs, reduced innovation risks, end-to-end visibility, enhanced agility, and improved security, control and compliance.


Make Cloud your super power

Miamin’s Cloud Transformation Services radically alter the way technology works for you. The service is designed to migrate your applications and deploy new ones to Public, Private or Hybrid Clouds. Based on needs you can opt for assessments, migration, architecture and design and deployment services.

We work closely with leading cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google, VMWare) and develop cutting edge solutions at our Cloud Center of Excellence. Clients using our Infrastructure-as-Code-driven deployment of application environments achieve web-scale architecture and globally distributed Hybrid Cloud infrastructure – both being critical components of digital transformation – at record speeds.

To enable 30% faster cloud adoption, simply opt for our proprietary Now Cloud assessment framework, a smart factory delivery model, automation capabilities and a team of certified cloud architects and you are done!


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